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Even you are undecided about what are you going to do next summer or it is winter and you have no idea where to find the best place to try snowkiting, ExtremeHub.net is the best place to discovery new ways to spend your vacation.

For the first time you can find thousands of new opportunities to spend your free time in one place! From France to Ukraine and from Sweden to Italy we try to embrace here all the operators that promote unconventional tourism.

Adventure parks, bungee jumping, sky diving, skiing, trekking, safari or kitesurfing, horseback riding, paintball, canoeing, caving and more other interesting activities that you can do. Are you from France but this year you would like to taste Bulgaria? ExtremeHub.net! Are you from Romania but you want to find the best sky instructor in Austria? ExtremeHub.net! The only online platform that offers a huge variety of unconventional ways to spend your free time!

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