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The story of CarpathianDreams began in a warm summer day, when two bikers, driven by the same passion, meet for the first time on a bike tour into the wilds of Transilvania. We are a team of experienced riders, Spanish and Romanian, with more than ten years of riding, with great knowledge of the places you are about to visit. Our trips are made in some remote areas in the north side of Transylvania, at the connection with Bucovina and Maramureş, two historical regions of Romania. We are in love of these places and happy to show it, being guided by sustainable principles, respecting nature and local communities. Deep into the wilderness of Romania lies a magical place that is waiting to be explored. This Carpathian area, located at the intersection of the historical regions of Transylvania, Bucovina and Maramureş is one of the last regions in Europe where lost in time villages, with ancient traditions and customs, and wild and pristine nature is still to be found.
We are in love of these places and happy to show it, being guided by sustainable principles, respecting nature and local communities.
The aim of the tour is to combine the pleasure of biking with the direct experience on the carpathian nature and the Romanian village lifestyle. We will have two basecamps from which we will do round day trips, with one ride that connects them. For the first couple of days we will enjoy the fresh air and the picturesque landscape of a beautiful mountain village. After this period of accommodation we will be facing the first challenging ride of the tour, in one of the oldest Romanian national parks, located in the Rodna mountains. A hard climb, followed by a long descent will be the delicacies of the day. The 4th day, heading south, will take us over the Borgo Mountains, with their low altitude plateaus which allowed humans to settle up. Here, passing the remote mountain villages of Ciosa and Poiana Catunenilor we will be experiencing ancient old lifestyle, which sadly is facing extinction due to globalisation. Reaching Colibitza lake in the afternoon and taking a refreshing swim in its cool waters, will be the reward for the day. With its iodide rich air and marvelous views, Colibitza is the perfect place for our last days of biking, also offering multiple extra options like seakayaking or trekking. Our 5th day of riding will take us deeply into the wilderness of the Călimani Mountains, known for one of the most great densities of the brown bear population in Europe. Depending on the shepherds transhumance, we might be able to take lunch at the sheepfold, experiencing this traditional lifestyle.
For the last day of riding we will be passing through mysterious forests and places, arriving and taking lunch at the Count Dracula’s Hotel, located in a picturesque mountains pass, which connects the historical regions of Transilvania and Moldova.
• Duration: 7 days
• Overnights: 6
• Riding days: 5
• Total length: 240 km
• Average per day: 48 km
• Total climb: 7020 m
• Lowest and Highest point: 581 m/1582 m
• Level: medium to advanced (for some difficult routes, we can find alternative easier tracks)
• experience the archaic Romanian country side, with ancient old customs and traditions
• wild and pristine forests, roaming with brown bears, wolves and linx
• Rodnei Mtns. National Park
• The Lake of the Faires – natural reservation area
• Sections of the ancient Roman Road
• Colibitza Lake –sunbathing, swimming, sea kayaking possibilities
• Tihutza mountain pass with the Dracula Hotel, located in the area where the Bram Stoker’s story of Dracula is taking place
• Delicious traditional natural and homegrown food
• The remote mountain villages of Ciosa and Poiana Catunenilor
• The Piatra Fantanele Monastery, dating the beginning of the 20th century
• views over Bucovina and Transylvanian mountains

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