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Mountain biking as it should be: single trails and tracks through lush forests, meadows and alpine pastures, through impressive mountain gorges and along rocky ridges. Plenty of natural obstacles on old trekking trails that are rather empty: not many hikers and even fewer bikers. A perfect set-up for really great riding. The range of available trails offers enough options to satisfy both the medium level but also the expert mountain biker. The Romanian mountains are quite steep, with very diverse geology, offering impressive landscapes and true alpine experiences. We have a long history of organising active holidays in the Romanian mountains, it goes back more than 15 years (see

Some might call it a tradition. We’ve been guiding people coming here from all over the world, be it for hiking, trekking, biking, ski-touring or freeride skiing.

We are not office people. We design, prepare but we also guide our tours. On and off the trail, we provide good company for an ever growing list of mountain enthusiasts. There aren’t many ski areas around, or modernized mountain roads. The traditional rural life is still in place, with plenty of sheep grazing the pastures and hay work still done with a scythe and a fork. The food is good in a straight forward way, made from natural ingredients and rather consistent, perfectly suited for a hungry, energy-deprived mountain biker.

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