What is Rent Helicopters?
Rent Helicopters, the most important charter broker in Eastern Europe, provides individuals or organisations with charter solutions to their travel needs, represents the interests of a client and deals directly with operators and other trip service providers. Charter brokers tackle issues such as competitive rates, contingency planning, organising all the logistics of a trip, and how to get the customer to their ultimate destination. Due to the fact that brokers do not own their own aircraft means that a broker is more inclined to look for the right aircraft for a specific trip because they are not limited by aircraft types.

Launched in 1995 Rent Helicopters is always searching for better values and continuously optimizing existing services. Professional staffs are not only ready to answer current needs, but can also anticipate future requirements in the constantly changing marketplace.

Affiliations: Rent Helicopters is member of the ASTA - American Society of Travel Agents and ENAT - European Network for Accesible Tourism These organizations ensure that their members maintain high standards to protect clients.
Rent Helicopters is also co-initiator of the Tourism Information Centre in Turda, sponsor of belles-lettres national magazine Echinox and student’s theatre festival Alterego as well as sustainer of Transylvania Riders motor club.

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