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Enduro School
Whether you want to try off-roading for the first time or to improve your riding skills the Gas Gas advanced techniques learning program is implemented by our qualified instructor, Ioan Tara - RedBull Romaniacs winner and Romanian enduro champion -. You will get comfortable with the feel of our bike moving around and how to instantly correct the biggest of slides in a much safer environment. During the course, explanations of the theory are backed up by practical demonstrations before you are encouraged in your participation, at no time will you feel pressurised to attempt a practical exercise beyond your comfort zone.

The Gas Gas Enduro School is perfect for riders that want to learn the correct riding bases in a real enduro environment:

STANCE - posture, body position when standing, cornering
BRAKING - downhill, level ground, effects of front and rear braking
ASCENTS, DESCENTS & CORNERING - standing and sitting
OBSTACLES - rocks, logs, river crossings, ruts, drop offs and jumps
TERRAIN - sand, gravel, hard pack, mud, cambers and line choice
TECHNIQUES - rear wheel steering, peg weighting and slow speed manoeuvring
First part of every course day is dedicated to specific enduro exercises in a safe environment and in the second part of the day you have to practice the learned techniques in the mountains, on natural tracks.

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